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Hazel - LIAR!
Hazel - LIAR!

Hazel – LIAR! | Bubbly

Hazel is a Norwegian singer-songwriter with an interest in pop music which stems from when she was much younger. She learned how to play the piano and guitar with the help of her step-father. Hazel says her mission is to make people feel alive and connect with her music. She usually writes her songs on her own, but since she started working with established producers like Eternuit, has begun co-writing them.

Hazel uses music as a means of communication with her audience, getting them to feel everything that she feels. LIAR! is her latest single that gets your feet tapping and your head bobbing along right from the start. Hazel has a similar sound to that of Dua Lipa and I must say that she sounds just as great. The tone and voicings that she uses are absolutely phenomenal and will have you chiming in wherever you are. LIAR! is honestly, such a good track and it stands out as one of Hazel’s best tracks alongside Hero, and Let Loose which are arguably her most successful tracks. While she hasn’t mentioned any particular influences in her career, Hazel does sound oddly familiar, and in my opinion, that’s a great thing for anyone trying their hand in the Pop scene. If you haven’t heard her music yet, I definitely recommend LIAR! because of how uplifting it is. It also makes you feel like you can do anything, so go ahead and slay it!

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