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The Running Free-Chimes | Post Punk

It is obvious your road trip/gym playlist has been craving for a track to amp the energy up to the maximum. You know it, your music player knows it. Cue The Running Free’s absolute firecracker of a track- Chimes. Imagine a calm, meditative aura in a place of peace- and a wrecking ball obliterating it.

Dave Norris claims Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, ex-Nirvana), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) to be his inspirations. Chimes translates energy of post punk legends to formulate something that can only be described as Billy Talent on cocaine.

The song wastes no time opening with a riff that’s easy to hum, yet allows the song to coast through without any hang time. The distorted guitar chugs all downstroke strumming while Norris belts lyrics that stick-“… it’s all superficial.” With hardly any breathing time, this song pumps zeal that crushes any mood you were in earlier. It also has enough bounce to launch you to the stratosphere- no sweat.

If you were in a flight, this song is the personification of turbulence. This track is an ode to Ramones and post punk all the way to alt-rock. Max Griffiths (ZELA) on drums & Molly Boden on bass gives this track more leverage- catapulting from the momentum of The Running Free’s previous track, Out of the Blue. The underdog revives the genre with a mighty punch.

Norris’ inspiration is about staying true to artistic vision & not getting lost in what is popular at the time. The song is the dreamchild of a passion project- The Running Free. It’s good that Chimes injected me with the energy to dig underground, for I just struck gold.

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