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Quantum - RISE
Quantum - RISE

Quantum – RISE. | Veneration

Consecutive singles are underway in the discographic list under the metal group Quantum, polished with the release of their latest single — RISE.

The track follows the release of their single 001 earlier on in the year, making it a runner to a possible release of a full-length album or an EP. With a tumultuous runtime of just over three minutes, Quantum’s sound is unrestricted from traditional sonic or genre boundaries and it borrows laudable inspiration from the foundations of metal, hip-hop and electro. RISE, for all intents and purposes, appears as a protest track against the normative social order — very much like classical numbers highlighting a similar thematic inclination like Disorder by System of a Down.

The track opens up with a messianic female voice stating the human capacity to harbor social justice and change, played over the sound of a brilliant melodic progression on the piano — almost Bohemian and dystopic. The crescendoing ambience of metal is soon introduced to the listener with its accompanying distorted and overdriven guitar riffs followed by the intense growls and screams along with the angelic clean vocals; a perfect mixture! The nu-metal characteristics of the track — similar to Limp Bizkit, Enter Shikari or earlier Linkin Park — is diminutive of the hip-hop-rock element brought about through the cypher distributed across the track between choruses. The multi-layered harmonies appear almost operatic and establish Quantum’s clique, the harbinger of a unique sound to the five-man act that should find its way to the playlists of hardcore metal rockers. 

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