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Livska - Stranger
Livska - Stranger

Livska – Stranger

Stranger is Livska’s most recent single. During the lockdown in Melbourne, the lead singer of Seattle Fix, Liv gave birth to an alter ego – Livska. Her music is characterized by her husky, sensuous voice, as well as an electronic pop style that is reminiscent of the 2000s.

Livska’s vocals are as soft as honey, giving the seductive sensual poetry in the song the perfect voice. She sings to her lover about her deepest wishes, what she wants them to do to her, and for them to not leave her. While she recognises that “time is not (their) friend,” she wishes to make the most of the time they have together before they must return to their separate lives.

Stranger is an uplifting song with a distinct guitar sound. The chorus is high and incredibly catchy, while the verse is low and profound. The song’s bouncy production pairs with Livska’s sensuous voice to create a melody that sounds like a high school love confession.

Perhaps the entire world, including Livska, was living out their fantasies in their own houses during social restraints. With dreamy sounds and a seductive voice describing naïve wishes about living every moment to the utmost, Stranger seems like a fairytale.

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