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Deliverance Enlightenment Saloon
Deliverance Enlightenment Saloon

Enlightenment Saloon – Deliverance (Sublime Mix)

Deliverance (Sublime Mix) by Enlightenment Saloon has a distinct progressive rock sound. It reminds the listener of 90’s sensations like The BeeGees or perhaps Pink Floyd when it first starts. The lyrics also reference The Rolling Stones, implying that these bands had a significant effect on their sound . Lead singer Scott DL has been performing his music across the United States since 1997. The song, however, has been recorded in Cheltenham, UK.

Scott is also featured on the guitar in the song. With seasoned players such as Paul Arthurs on drums and percussion, Mark Nye on bass, and Peter Nemesvari on keyboard, it’s easy to see why each sound element stands out throughout the song.

Lyrically, Deliverance is a prayer. The musician speaks of embarking on the long pilgrimage in the hopes of gazing out over a vast expanse in the West, anticipating the inner serenity and enlightenment that the journey will bring him. However, it is also evident that the song is written from a place of love and longing. In the second verse the singer wishes to run into an old acquaintance while travelling. Finally, the singer accepts prison and punishment if it is the price he must pay in order to live the life he desires. At the end of the song, the chorus repeats and an electric guitar plays a distorted, hopeful tune.

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