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Ali Pips, Veronique Lenore Persi - Black Dahlia Smile Me
Ali Pips, Veronique Lenore Persi - Black Dahlia Smile Me

Ali Pips – Black Dahlia Smile Me | Avant-Garde

Jazz Pianist Ali Pips and vocalist Dominique Lenore Persi have come together to produce one of the purest New Orleans jazz tracks I’ve heard in a while. Ali Pips is a multi-instrumentalist from Rhode Island, but she began Suzuki method piano lessons at age 4. She learned New Orleans jazz from her father and this, combined with her classical training is most intriguing. Using an eclectic approach, Ali Pips is able to switch between genres with ease. This is quite evident in Black Dahlia Smile Me. The instruments begin slow to follow more classical scales and approaches, but when all the instruments erupt into a chorus of their own, the Jazz and Blues scales and notes completely catch you off guard in the best way possible. Each instrument plays an important role, but the piano and wind instruments stand out the most. It’s hard to categorise Ali Pips into any one genre because of how easily she can switch between them (It would probably be easier to list out the various elements involved instead). Pips’ production work is almost gothic, neo-noir jazz that could probably stand on its own, but the addition of Persi’s strong vocals elevates this track to a level that should be recognised. Persi’s vocals provide the added depth and emotion that we probably would have missed out on should Pips have released Black Dahlia Smile Me as one of her instrumental tracks. Ali Pips is perhaps an artist that has her own unique style that deserves its own category because of how inimitable it is, but she prefers the term Avant Rock. I, honestly, cannot express how amazed I am by the intricacies of this track and all can say is go stream it now!

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