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The County Affair - Bourbon Breakfast
The County Affair - Bourbon Breakfast

The County Affair – Bourbon Breakfast | Arcadian

Perhaps the generation of listening to the great classics with our friends and exchanging vinyl has shifted to Bluetooth and streaming, but there are a few acts such as The County Affair, which is a brainchild of such heartfelt interactions about music.

Kevin Brennan and Tony Regan owe their allegiance to the unique and attractive sound of ‘Americana’, and the two-piece band have reproduced the sound again with the release of their latest track Bourbon Breakfast. Recorded in Abbey Road Studios no less, Bourbon Breakfast is inspired by the most conventionally applauded and celebrated sound of the erstwhile rural American countryside. If you can think of wooden floors, cowboy hats, cold beers and Royal Enfield motorbikes — imagining The County Affair’s sound should not be too far away. A beautifully arranged track, it consists of the chivalrous Americana baritone in accompaniment with the piano, idiophones, acoustic guitar and charmingly seductive electric guitar solos. The collective tempo of the track is somewhat balladic insofar that it represents a stream of consciousness — a narration of abstract observations by the vocalist that dominate the landscapes he has visited. With its characteristic alt-country swing and tantalizing charm, Bourbon Breakfast is the ideal track to be transported into the shires of America — the home of Americana. 

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