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RJ Bacon - Low Ambition Day Sinusoidal Review
RJ Bacon - Low Ambition Day Sinusoidal Review

RJ Bacon – Low Ambition Day

Low Ambition Day by RJ Bacon is a nice jazzy tune, as the artist describes it. It’s reminiscent of a low-fi jam, but it’s unmistakably modern jazz.

RJ Bacon is from Sydney, Australia, and has been hard at work in his swanky home studio. He has been cranking out some fantastic tracks for his upcoming album Low Ambition Day. His album is titled after the first hit, and he plays all instruments and sings on it too.

The trumpet and maraca open the tune, transporting you to a downtown jazz bar. The song’s young and silky vocals glide nicely across various parts of the song. Multiple instruments take the stage at different times. There’s a trumpet solo, a keys solo, an electric guitar solo, and even cymbals pounding in the background. The bridge is low and sluggish, highlighting Bacon’s expertise of various instruments.

After his sweetheart has left him, the seasoned jazz devotee is singing about a day where he doesn’t feel like doing much. It scarcely appears to be a downer to the listeners, though, with so much energy and polished beats.

Overall, Low Ambition Day is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a mellow, laid-back jam. It is a jazz lover’s dream with its harmonic overlay of instruments, and a great way to start those days when you wake up feeling a little sluggish!

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