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Richard - Unstable
Richard - Unstable

Richard – Unstable | Groovy

Richard brings with him a refreshing flow on contemporary rap. His brilliant use of percussive instruments matches his soulful vocals. Unstable is one of those tracks that has you thinking, “damn, that goes hard”, by making use of double entendres to get his point across and he builds the tempo by adding more elements to the track. The St. Louis based artist captures the essence of old school rap, hitting out at his haters and hyping himself up. He doesn’t want any beef but he does know what he’s worth and won’t be slept on. Unstable is exactly what it says it is, an unpredictable track. Richard shows his skill in how unpredictable the track flow is. However, with the added reverb and echoes, Richard’s vocals stand out as stable as ever, much like Punjabi-Canadian Hip-Hop artist Nav. He uses introspective lyrics that tell his story, much like his earlier works, and he makes use of 808s and 909s that hit hard and are what gives the track its punchy nature. All in all, Richard has the groove that we’re all looking for in contemporary hip-hop. I’d highly recommend listening to Richard at the gym or just to hype yourself up. Richard brings the sauce!

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