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Transistor - Silver Lining
Transistor - Silver Lining

Transistor – Silver Lining

Silver Lining is the latest single from Transistor that marks the onset of the summer-party season! The American Indie rock band is back after a COVID. Its all new project and debut LP is “Maybe in the Summer.” The album is jam-packed with songs meant for the dancefloor this summer.

Rhythm guitarist Patrick Davis, and guitarist Drew Sikes founded the band in Birmingham, Alabama. Further, both band members also perform vocals for Transistor. The band’s most recent song “Silver Lining” is constructed on a rock-sound basis, and reflects the essence of summer in Alabama.

Their Alabama roots explain their pure rock musical style. Silver Lining is a true party starter; percussion beats resonate throughout the song and powerful distortion on the electric guitar is also audible. The song features a catchy chorus that will have everyone scream-singing.

Silver Lining tells the story of the singer’s summer adventure: he develops affection for a girl who does not seem to be interested in him or anyone else. He sings of the summer weather changing. As the hues of nature transform during the season, his emotions overtake him and he waits for a sign that will lead him to approach her.

With its summer vibes, true-to-Alabama sound, and unconfessed and unrequited love, β€˜Silver Lining’ is a summer banger that you’ll want to listen to over and over again!

Listen to Silver Lining by Transistor:

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