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Satchit - the garden
Satchit - the garden

Satchit – the garden | Soulful

Satchit – the garden, is what you would expect when introduced as soulful. This 20-minute EP features Satchit’s harmonies accompanied by heavy but playful beats.

The EP has 6 songs, including Rosy, Sunday, Growth (Outro), and New Peace. The South London artist’s soulful harmonies make for unreal tracks. The EP is Satchit’s exploration of soulful, alternative R&B. It includes many classic Hip-Hop elements. Satchit explores a journey of musical progression.

The EP begins with Rosy and Tulips – two tracks that use experimental instrumentals but paired beautifully with Satchit’s smooth vocals. Following Jazz progressions, the synths along with voiceover are simply a joy. Satchit uses sharp, fast-paced percussions. Multiple synths accompany these. Satchit shows similarity to Frank Ocean’s soulful style. The use of traditional Indian percussions, contemporary synths and Jazzy vocals are probably Satchit’s unique touch.

We see him use this formula through the EP. In Sunday, he begins with the voiceovers similar to Rosy and then follows it up with harmonies. Making use of rests and syncopation, the middle portion of the album is grimmer. Satchit uses strong 808 kicks and hats that compliment his intersecting melodies. His use of foley really disorients you but adds to the atmosphere Satchit explores. Sunday showcases his production quality, but his harmonies stand out. Similarly, See You features the same elements. These elements are always fleeting. As you listen through the album, songs become more distorted. The last two tracks, Growth (Outro) and New Peace, are Satchit’s epiphanies. His journey through the garden has transformed him. The experimental beats and Sachit’s vocals show growth. Sachit breaks boundaries by deviating from his usual flow and trying new techniques that finally give him what he’s been looking for.

Personally, Satchit’s music is groovy enough to bob your head to. The entire EP follows a structure that makes you feel uplifted – as if you’re going through your own metamorphosis. Satchit flaunts his smooth vocals over bluesy grooves making you go “ooh” at some places, and “aah” at others. Satchit’s emulation of artists like Frank Ocean, Maxwell, and D’Angelo is what makes this EP so groovy. But his harmonies and eclectic use of instruments are what sets him apart. This gives him a unique fusion that is so rarely seen these days. Satchit flaunts his production value by throwing in elements seemingly at random, but all contributing to the larger soul in one way or another.

You can stream Satchit’s the garden below, and don’t forget to save it!

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