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Steve Dennis - Lighthouse Inn
Steve Dennis - Lighthouse Inn

Steve Dennis – Lighthouse Inn | Optimistic

How often do we find ourselves thinking of lost love? Steve Dennis explores this question with his melancholic single Lighthouse Inn. The spacing between the instruments accentuates the feeling of loneliness and loss. However, the uplifting chorus and atmosphere negate that. Even though this is a breakup song, it may help get over the loss. Dennis knows what he wants and that’s what he focuses on from the second verse onward. Taking the highs and the lows, Dennis looks back fondly, but expresses that he wants that feeling all the time – Which of us doesn’t? The Lighthouse Inn is the haven of love that we know all too well and the nostalgic nature of Steve Dennis’ vocals makes us miss our own Lighthouse Inns. This is a breakup song, but only till you realize it was necessary so that you can find love again. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the single as a whole – much like you would when you’re in love. It’s uncertain whether you can describe the emotion of love, but Dennis gets pretty darn close. He walks the line between folksy and contemporary fairly well. Dennis’ soothing music matches up to that of Bon Iver.

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