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Squid the Kid - Drunk Thoughts (Single)
Squid the Kid - Drunk Thoughts (Single)

Squid the Kid – Drunk Thoughts

Squid the Kid has some fresh sounds echoing on the internet, putting Australian hip-hop and R&B on the map. Drunk Thoughts, his single, is a combination of groovy beats, with in-your-face kind of lyrics that fit the bluesy tone of the song note for note.

Drunk Thoughts begins with cellos playing in a symphony, almost theatrically. Just then, the smooth flow begins. There is an interlay of numerous instruments, both electronic and acoustic. And it sounds as if you heard a trumpet somewhere, even though there isn’t one!

The lyrics are upbeat and match the tone of the song right away. The use of multiple instruments also creates a modern 80’s vibe.

While the first stanza will start you grooving, the second will have you dancing. The circling rhythm appears to be content on its own, but when the electric riff enters at the bridge, it elevates the chill sensations to a new level.

As the song progresses to its culmination, the beats get more soothing. The electric guitar riff continues to take centre stage. As a result, the listener is kept on their toes. The song closes on a thrilling note as the lyrics wrap us up with “until we see you again.”

Squid the Kid keeps things moving throughout the song, starting with a captivating rhythm. Drunk Thoughts has its feet firmly planted in the zone of indie music from the streets. This is with thanks to the composer’s soft voice and silky hip-hop-esque delivery. With just a few songs out at the moment, the single is likely to be remembered as an early indication of Squid’s promise.

Listen to Drunk Thoughts by Squid the Kid:

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