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Guy David - Waste Land
Guy David - Waste Land

Guy Davis – Waste Land | Remorse

There are going to be artists that one finds on platforms who will make us wonder why they are not leading a couple of worldwide charts. One of them is Guy Davis, a London-based artist who is inspired by 80s synth wave and vintage rock.

At a time when even the capitalistic desire to drive views by fueling contention and controversy is getting more and more problematic, his single Waste Land is a social commentary on today’s society’s method consumption of news and information. It criticizes how major news outlets report news, mostly omitting the important issues and nuance. Wasteland delivers irony- but in that, also hints at the hope that things will get better and that conflicts and fights are futile as everything has to come to an end at the end. In many ways, the track’s thematic inclinations are inspired by similarly-themed classic numbers such as Junk by Paul McCartney. 

The lyrics are impassioned and carry an immense weight: “Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that everything is gonna be just fine, and you can shout about it all you like, you still ain’t making it out alive”. Of course, this is direct and stinging, and the song’s message is broadcast to all who have the patience to sit down, listen and introspect.

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