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Fire Leah Rich
Fire Leah Rich

Leah Rich – Fire

Fire is a joyous celebration of the spark within us, the burning passion that dares you to dream. This eclectic track is indie singer-songwriter Leah Rich’s newest release, a fiery statement and second single for the album still in production – Caspian set to release in November.

Leah is a sponge for influences, coming from a family of Azeri jazz musicians and working as a musician in NYC. Fire is similarly hard to put in a bucket – a dream-pop track with pulsating psychedelic synths that bubble and pop to a mellow percussive rhythm like a lot of electronic pop, but it’s not hooky – rather a powerful anthem that layers the contrast between the low tempo and soft lyrics to the triumphant and energetic chorus. She’s got an impressive vocal range, and it is a pleasure to experience her slide across the track with a sense of channeled zeal yet calculated calm. The production is immaculate, the song takes you to an elated headspace, a hype-world elaborately crafted soundscape.

Leah’s location of the Fire that burns within her – she doesn’t know where it came from but it’s been there all along, allows her to channel her passion and overcome her anxieties. A hype-track tribute to the indomitable human spirit, Fire is a glorious anthem celebrating life and your ability to navigate it with pride. Perhaps the high note we need to end our collective languishment, Fire is the antidote to your everyday ennui – perfect for your workout playlist.

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