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Courtney Jade Fantasy
Courtney Jade Fantasy

Courtney Jade – Fantasy

Contemporary pop artist Courtney Jade’s newest release breaks new ground in her musical endeavours – turning to a more mature indie r&b style and expressive jazz elements, allowing her voice a little more room to take centre stage than before. This upheaval in style also comes with an upheaval in perspective – with Fantasy acting as a performance between what is real and what isn’t.

Fantasy works hard to establish a funky vibe with its immaculately produced beat, twinkling synths and cascading piano bars sit upon a groovy bassline. Courtney’s velveteen voice glides effortlessly between lo-fi percussive rhythm, an air of freedom that comes from transcending the fetters that held her and finding an enlightenment of sorts. In a poetic and musical way, she explores the notion of abandoning pursuit of the worldly in favour of song – a commitment of self expression that has to strike us all at some point because society wouldn’t encourage it. In a way, Fantasy is a tribute to her journey as an artist, coming full circle to the passion that brought her here to begin with, demonstrating both her strength of determination in life as well as her gentle character.

This song explores the idea of fantasy versus reality, of what we wish to be true and the fantasy that we desire. It plays on these ideas through which it explores identity.

Fantasy’s political exploration of minimalism and the conclusion that it draws in finding meaning in self-expression itself is a very interesting track, Courtney being only twenty at the time of writing it. It’s a pleasant and mellow listen despite its spirit of inquiry, embracing a soulful indie r&b ambience to it. Fantasy is genuinely a pleasure, and I think you should give it a listen!

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