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Safiya - Let's Pretend
Safiya - Let's Pretend
Safiya - Let's Pretend

Safiya – Let’s Pretend | Festive

A lot of us may never end up getting that corporate holiday to the Caribbean islands, but no worries — Safiya is bringing it to us.

Making her Spotify debut with her first track — Let’s Pretend — Safiya promises the start of a brilliantly rich discography drenched in her native culture. A ridiculously immersive catchy track with a five-minute runtime, Let’s Pretend begins off with an amusing combination of the bass and snare pulling up the curtains. The saxophone kicks in with its prototypical seductive charm accompanied by Safiya’s hypnotizing vocals. Soon, the track breaks off from its bewitching composition to a festive samba. Instead of the conventional idea of a vocalist leading the track, it is noticed that each musical element in the track seems to lead each other on to the next hook, and then starting all over again — the most favourite among this being the saxophone. Let’s Pretend is a tropical festivity with an unpredictable musical enchantment in the medley of all the Caribbean characteristics coming at you from all of the soundscapes Safiya prepares for us. 

Debut songs perhaps don’t come better. Safiya’s Let’s Pretend is a musical respite from the conventional Western composition, into the exoticism of the Caribbean coasts. Check out the track here: 

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