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One For You
One For You

Natasha Ghosh – One For You ft. Lemonah

We’ve covered Natasha Ghosh’s journey as an alt-pop artist from an acoustic one in our review of I’m Sorry, but her newest release One For You comes full circle in being the lo-est fi yet allowing her ukelele to come back for a crossover sound. Sounding like an old school Nujabes-like track with its classical lo-fi hiphop vibe but somewhat more cinematic and abstract, Lemonah puts out a simply incredible production concordant with Natasha’s best side in One For You.

The song is a simple ode infatuated longing, about someone running through your head constantly, hoping they feel the same way. Its definitely simpler in its lyrical exploration than something like Hold Me, but trades off being wordy for gentle evocation – its soft moody cascade of sounds doing a much better job of exploring the vibe than any words could. There’s just something about this bedroom musical style that adds a layer of intimacy to the themes explored, and I appreciate deft use of both nostalgic and contemporary sounds that really keeps you on your toes.

Its a love song based on the feeling that you can’t get somebody out of your mind because they made such an impact of you

The production on the track is simply incredible, with its long cascading synths and intricately arranged percussion, all to a lovely piano melody and even accommodating of a ukelele solo. The way those synths ebb and flow just reminds me of Cowboy Bebop – its a lovely soothing zen garden of a track that sneaks in a little nostalgia and a little effervescence with Natasha’s introspective vocals blending in effortlessly. It creates a soothing air allowing for the catharsis of the track to be explored, and is just quite the impressive collaboration of styles from two phenomenal artists who have so much to bring.

Having listened to Natasha’s music for a while now, I love how flexible she is as an artist, working with new producers and new genres with every single she takes on and creating a completely new and unique masterpiece. One For You is an easy listen and an absolute banger, but you should check out her other singles – each more unique than the last. I’m always eager to see what directions she takes her music, and do recommend that you check her out as well!

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