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Owl See You...on the Other Slide
Owl See You...on the Other Slide
Owl See You...on the Other Slide

David Nyro – Owl See You…on the Other Slide | Unrestricted

Seattle-based musician David Nyro has been banging out tunes for over a decade. Perhaps due to this very same reason, his mastery of the vast multitude of soundscapes in his latest full-length album — Owl See You…On The Other Slide, is not coincidental.

Nyro’s album is a delicious musical dessert with each track representative of a tune and mood of its own, and wholly unrestricted and unfettered by the larger conventional idea of making an album stick to a particular musical or topical concept. There is so much going on in each track of the album, that a larger overarching explanation of what-the-album-is-about is logistically impossible to put a finger on with absolute precision. Constituent of eleven thoroughly enjoyable tracks, the album has a comfortable runtime of forty-seven minutes.

The album successfully attempts a delve into each finely tuned genre in each track, beginning with the space lounge/80s lounge rock soundscape offered by the opening track — Waiting For My Life (To Start Again). The track features Nyro’s mature vocals rendered with some distortion assisting the various other sonic elements going on in the background, including electronic fillers, percussive snares and science fiction-themed effects. By the looks of its composition, the song can also be categorized as an alt-rock number.

The following track All of My Life is a complete left-turn from its preceding number and comes to the listener with more swing. The strings and xylophonic sonic effects dominate most of the layered instrumentation, with Nyro’s balladic vocals harping out an introspective number about the regrets of the past. Featuring his fellow Seattle-based musician Katie Kuffel, Bitter Wine is one of the songs that people will possibly remember the album by. Kuffel’s voice shines through in this track, highlighting the vocal finesse, crests and troughs she has mastered over the years in the scene. The vocals are accompanied by contemplative instrumentation featuring a cavort piano and mellow snares played in hushes.

Never Saw a Woman is a romp pick-me-up track, appearing in the album with some anthemic dazzle and upbeat drums. Tiana Pye features on Flying Out Over The Ocean, in a track that is quintessentially Americana country — replete with the mandolin, loosely-tuned guitar, tambourine and drums. Nyro’s vocals make a symphonic return in Anything — a lovesick number to one’s lover, with all the thematic elements of romance and longing. These elements are carried forward into I’ll Step Aside — a song that is able to express them more passionately through Nyro’s hushed vocal falsettos, with a great piano uprising and electric guitar outro. Your Face is a cinematic track, made outstanding with the wistful introduction of the violin marred across the dystopic piano and chant-like vocals. Electric guitar melodies and mellow drums dominate most of Skeleton At The Feast and Now It’s Time, which are tracks oddly reminiscent of early soft-rock styles of John Mayer. The album is well-rounded off with the closing track Stand, a homely number with arguably some of the album’s best lyricism. 

David Nyro is filling up his discography with soundscapes that take years for an artist to master. Check out his latest album Owl See You…On The Other Slide here: 

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