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Stay Friends
Stay Friends

Wind Meets West – Stay Friends ft Saenabi

Brooklyn singer-songwriter and producer Tony Nguyen of Wind Meets West has been experimenting with the pop sound across the last few years, and now collabs with fellow SET+VOI artist and singer Saenabi for his newest release, Stay Friends. Stay Friends is about the decision that we make each time we reach across the aisle to keep our

The song is an immaculately crafted narrative about people who are thinking about each other, whether they should stay friends. Unlike romantic relationships, platonic ones just kinda gradually decline from lack of interest or effort until one day you go separate ways , maybe never again conscious of the disconnect. WMW and Saenabi fill in the holes – their lives were dragged apart, didn’t want to burden anyone with their personal problems but miss those low stakes situations of actually being friends. While it is an optimistic song about the intention of keeping these bonds strengthened, it carries a melancholy tinge for all the friends we’ve ‘broken up’ with along the way.

As we get older, as our priorities shift and we further learn about what we want, it affects our relationships. Who gets left behind?friendships going when our lives lead us in different directions.

Putting his heart on his sleeve like that is no new endeavour for Tony, who has always used his music and sounds as a catharsis and a means for people to work through their own emotional baggage. His musical style is also reminiscent of a warm hug, with very bass heavy synths, but those that are gentle in their gradual ebb and flow- an ambience of patience and reflection. I also particularly enjoy that the track sneaks in an epic electrical guitar break between two soft moments of catharsis, quite a contemporary orchestra of electronic sounds perforated by cinematic guitar soundscape. The pair also sound just lovely together, singing the song as a duet in the last verse before fading out.

Quite a lovely track that is deceitfully simple in theme, and intricately complex as a musical production – do check them out!

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