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Sean Hawkins - Meteor of Pegasus
Sean Hawkins - Meteor of Pegasus

Seán Hawkins – Meteor of Pegasus | Ascendance

Sean Hawkins’ latest track — Meteor of Pegasus — is an allegiance to the fundamentals of the metal composition. Meteor of Pegasus will be a part of Sean’s side project called Lugna which will be out soon! Streaming out of Soundcloud, the track begins with a single-layered guitar with an iron-grey guitar tone, reminiscent of Widek, and a distorted-overdriven electric guitar accompanying the breaks in notes. The introductory riff is easily catchy and recallable and takes its time to really settle into the track instead of showcasing several effects. The lick tapers off towards the end of the first minute, with the song breaking off into a percussive filler that really sets things off. The guitar tones become more overdriven with a staccato soundscape that overlays the explosive and opaque drum composition. At the second minute, the guitars break off into two layers, one repeating the lick and the other going on its own pentatonic adventure. The track is rounded-off in its final minute with Hawkins’ incendiary solo — made even better with all the other elements leading up to the track playing simultaneously. A brilliant job is done by the folks at Sinusoidal Music too with all the essential mixing and mastering.

If you’re exploring Soundcloud’s music dungeons, be sure to check out the track: 

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