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Tom Petrone - That Kind of Summer
Tom Petrone - That Kind of Summer

Tom Petrone – That Kind of Summer | Sultry

Tom Petrone has been swinging along in the business since the 70s, and oh how! 

Petrone cites The Beatles and Frank Sinatra as his music gurus, but his recent track leaves little to guess why he owes allegiance to these crooners. Petrone’s track That Kind of Summer from the album of the same name brings back all the quintessential seductive chivalry of 50s bar-time jazz, replete with the trumpets, strings and the gentle flirtation of the piano. Petrone’s developed silk-mature voice ornaments the entire track with a lovesick swing, ushering in all the emotions of watching men in fedoras and bretons sit across you on the barstool, eyeing women. The slow oscillation of the track is reminiscent of all the essential Sinatra in his prime, returning again in the modern era with his band of showstoppers. Each instrument in the track appears to be in an ensemble conversation with each other about the story Petrone narrates, each giving in their opinion in the form of a small concerto or brass intervention. Petrone not only brings in the musicality but also the wisdom of the ages he has lived through, and attempt to give the new generation a taste of the oldies — coquettish soundscapes onward! 

Don’s miss out. Check out Tom Petrone’s track today:

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