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Aimee Broom Faces
Aimee Broom Faces

Aimee Broom – Faces | crossed

Aimee Broom has always crafted upbeat and fun melodies, creating peppy dance anthems about summer and love, and other sweet things. Faces is similarly energetic and uplifting EDM-influenced pop melody, using rippling synths and bass loops across its length to create a hyper-energetic yet melancholy ambience in the track.

The conceptualisation of Faces is fairly straightforward – everyone wears façades all the time, yet it can be surprising to see how many ‘faces’ exist after all, layers of repression and coping that turn your perfectly trustworthy friend into someone you barely know as they come off. A dark exploration of societal life, the song is still a zesty Scandipop-style number full a palette of cascading electronic embellishments that make it play like a more commercial electronic pop sound.

The story behind this track is that it’s written for everyone to try and relate to. It’s about having a toxic or fake person very close to you and it’s the point in that relationship that you realise they aren’t who they say they are, even to the point where they believe their own lies. As if they were a chameleon they mould their personality to fit in with individuals but none of it is real.

It’s catchy, an easy listen and an optimistic one at that, I can only recommend this summer vibe – Faces from Aimee Broom!

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