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Snap Infraction
Snap Infraction

Snap Infraction – The Fall

Snap Infraction is a revival project of tracks recorded in the 90s, remaking and embellishing their old singles for a band that was scrapped twenty years ago – an ambitious project releasing their first of six singles with The Fall. The B-side of the track is a whole other story, quite a contemporary piece sounding like Led Zeppelin or Oasis, but The Fall stays true to its original Oasis/ the Mats sound.

The Fall is a delightfully rich Americana meets classic rock vibe, a six-minute slow burn of finding oneself in an optimistic twangy ballad. Snap Infraction keeps their 80s power-pop style along with the 20 year old composition, an impressive production that contrasts with their more recent work in a very interesting way. I love the way the track ends, a minute long crescendo that feels absolutely epic.

This song was written when I was going through a heavy Replacements phase. We always liked it and wanted to put it out, I just felt like it needed something. Thankfully, I’ve recently re-connected with an old high school friend of mine, Jeff White, who added some sweet guitar parts to push this track over the finish line.

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