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christina jones _Free, Completely Free
christina jones _Free, Completely Free

Christina Jones – Free, Completely Free | Cinematic

Seasons alike, there is no better time for a Broadway soundscape. Whether gloomy or buoyant, the soulful music that comes out of the genres is perennially uplifting and amusing. Still making her Spotify debuts, Christina Jones does well to add to this discussion. Jones’ debutant track — Free, Completely Free — is a brilliant showcase of the marriage between traditional Broadway-style lyricism and Soul. The three-minute track is a testament to Jones’ dazzling and luminescent vocal abilities, which does spectacularly well in modulation between high and low notes throughout the track without any warning or probable apprehension. A jazzy, festive piano accompanies the track throughout — breaking off in bits to go on its own adventure — representing a very enjoyable fusion of a more percussive Cole Porter. Free, Completely Free is the sort of track that would not be uncommon to find in a traditional Woody Allen masterpiece depicting festivity in European capital cities, replete with baroque participants and jolly merrymaking. It is a truly enjoyable and catchy breakthrough song from a new artist in a genre not usually explored, albeit Jones does a brilliant job in exploring it, and acing it while she is at it. 

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