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Not That Bad
Not That Bad

Piper King – Not That Bad | Collateral

Not That Bad is singer-songwriter and pop artist Piper King’s newest release, following her ‘rebirth’ as an artist this year and a flurry of singles. A love anthem about the joy of infatuation despite the obstacles that it presents, Not That Bad is a psychedelic indie pop-rock track with a deliciously layered production.

Piper infuses her cute pop-rock and haunting vocals with some very interesting synthwork, bass-heavy cascading synths set to jazzy upbeat percussion that is reminiscent of 80s pop. She’s got ghostly and ethereal vocals, and I love the way she keeps up with the percussion and synths with an incredible range in falsetto. It’s upbeat, but not disco-upbeat – more pleasant twanging electric guitar and a warm reassurance that love is not that bad after all. Piper’s music is a bit of Tame Impala and a bit of Mac DeMarco, a contemporary blend of modern and more classical alternative pop.

The track is an introvert’s exploration of falling in love, expressing her anxieties and concerns with commitment – it is scary to be vulnerable like that. Yet, she discovers that despite the pain it may bring, the little everyday joys that accompany having a partner are not that bad! The song ends with a dreamy chant of love is not that bad to convey her message that true love is worth all trials and tribulations, a lovely parting message.

Do check out the lovely genre-bending indie single ‘Not That Bad’ released earlier this week, down below!

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