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Emily Breneman
Emily Breneman

Emily Breneman – You & Me (Hello) | Headfirst

You & Me is an ode to the sweet daydreams of the future in a relationship you’re happy in, a joyous country pop track with soft strumming and the fantasy of adventures to come. It’s the debut single from indie singer-songwriter Emily Breneman, a fresh entry inspired by her overflowing infatuation for her significant other.

Emily crafts a wonderful image of the sweet tomorrow that may be, inspired by the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. Her delicate voice and ability to draw you into her experience make the track a transcendent listen, allowing you a moment’s respite in her daydream. Yet, tongue in cheek, following the laundry list of fantasies – chardonnay and a proposal included – is immediately grounded in her catchy chorus reminding us to first start with a hello.

Fusing country rhythms with peppy percussion and rippling choral synths with country pop vocals and catchy guitar riffs, You & Me is also quite the immaculate production. Both a zealous reminder to take things slow as well as pacing the good things to come, Its just the kind of good vibes track to listen to on your downtime, or on a roadtrip!

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