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Flo Chase
Flo Chase

Flo Chase – Never Came Back (Remix) Ft Jodie Jo’ | Jam

French-born, Australian raised singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Flo Chase has released a revamped and inventive version of his upbeat track ‘Never Came Back” just in time for the summer. Featuring LA rapper Jodie Jo’, the remix explores the idea of moving on after giving all to someone who is unable to return the same level of dedication. Flo has seen remarkable success over the years, having some of his songs hit over a quarter of a million streams in the past years. Combining a unique blend of folk, pop, and hip-hop, Flo’s music is part of a new wave in globalized and genre free pop.

“Never Came Back” is from Flo’s debut album, Toi, which was released earlier this month. Flo describes his latest album, recorded over two years in Santa Monica, CA at Barking Owl Studio, as his most ambitious and personal work to date. The project reflects on his experience leaving everything behind to start fresh and embrace the unknown.

The remix stemmed from Flo’s conviction that there could be a rap element in the track. He noted, “I could hear the rap in my head, and it felt so right for this song. I went to my co-producer Houston Fry with the idea, and he happened to be doing some livestream performances to support the BLM movement that featured a bunch of great artists. In watching these sessions, I came across Jodie Jo’ and immediately thought he would be a great fit and he far surpassed all my expectations. When I got the demo back, I couldn’t find any changes and it just felt so perfect. I’m so proud of how this came out and hope it gets people dancing!”

With an irresistible reggae beat, a punchy rap verse, and a supply delivered chorus, ‘Never Came Back’ is a great summer track. “My Heart, My Money, My Car, Gave it to the Devil, but it never came back”. The song is just one single from the artist’s immensely fun new album ‘Toi’ that’s out now!

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