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Cheriton – Canon | Longing

Nick Harrison, known to his fans as Cheriton, makes his return from his 2020 full-length EP Parallel, teasing his audience with his new single — Canon.

A three-minute track representative of all the conventional Cheriton — the psychedelic synth waves, twangy guitar tones with the multi-layered vocals make for an eyebrow-raising experience. The aforementioned elements come together in Canon to harbour a truly immersive indie pop soundscape, where Cheriton’s tenor vocals carry you through the romantic number. The song is oddly reminiscent of a vivid combination of vaporwave aesthetic collaborating with the 70s-80s synth extravaganza. In the twangy guitar tones that sometimes perform independent of the vocals, we can notice a vague inspiration of upbeat funkadelia. In the overarching use of the electric guitar and other computerised instrumentation, we can observe his infatuation with some genres of electro-pop. For many purposes, Canon is the ideal song for the beach, as revealed in his Twitter sneak-peek of the track. It is reminiscent of a slowly approaching autumn — surrounded by the murky beaches of Kent, from where Cheriton perhaps draws his inspiration. Think the best of Paper Route and James Blake — Canon should have you covered. 

With the world slowly opening up, returning to once-known places can be imagined through the lens of songs that invoke both nostalgia, longing and anticipation. Canon is one such arrangement. Listen to the song here: 

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