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Roos Meijer In my name
Roos Meijer In my name

Roos Meijer – In My Name

Dutch alt-folk indie artist Roos Meijer released her newest single In My Name a few days ago, the lead single to her debut album Why Don’t We Give It A Try, set to release in November. It’s a lovely folk acoustic track with tasteful arpeggios and breathy vocalisations, Roos has a delightful voice that find lovely setting in a crystalline multi-layered production. It’s a tempered melody, soulful with its use of percussion and sax and with a distinct Arabic tinge to it.

The track was inspired by the West Papua activist Julia Jouwe and the struggles she faced. Roos’ solo work typically amplifies marginalized voices as she seeks to bring social purpose to her music. She writes that her solo project is dedicated to the stories of other people, quoting Sting’s Tedx,

Could it be argued that your best work wasn’t about you at all? That your best work occurred when you side-stepped your own ego, and you stopped telling your story, and told someone else’s story? Someone perhaps without a voice. Where empathically you stood in his shoes for a while, and told the world through his eyes?

Roos brings depth and detail in both her song and its production, finding intricate lines of current issues and conflicts to navigate through her own perspective. Lovely and commendable, I’d urge you to check out In My Name down below.

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