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I'll Survive Neia Jane
I'll Survive Neia Jane

Neia Jane – I’ll Survive

I’ll Survive is Neia Jane’s newest alt-rock anthem, dedicated to the indomitable spirit that resides somewhere in all of us, allowing one to stand boldly in the face of adversity. It effortlessly blends 80s-style epic garage rock with some fancy synthwork accompaniments to create an alternative pop-rock that is effervescent and peppy. She previously had defined her fusion genre as alt-rock with touches of indie folk and electronic pop, which she’s splendidly dubbed glitter grunge – it just rolls off the tongue.

The track maintains the tastiest bassline amplified by synthwork – the frenetic percussion and bass landing in symmetry like energetic blows, perforating her words. Distorted guitars and punchy synths create a base for Neia’s soaring vocals to take flight – float! like a butterfly! It’s so satisfying to hear triumphant chanting and singing into the sky, making I’ll Survive quite the hype-track.

I was in a dark place with depression and anxiety, and I needed to remind myself of the power that I held within myself to get better. Writing this song really helped me to channel my inner survivor and fighter, and to encourage myself to push through and make it to a better day.

I’ll Survive stems from Neia finding her inner strength at her lowest lows, and it serves as a motivational reminder of who we are, to lay claim to our power. The song is genuinely just really sick, and opened my eyes to what alt-rock (albeit the broadest genre) could really entail. Must recommend!

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