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Alex Starling
Alex Starling

Alex Starling – Tunnelling For Villains | Cinema

Having been an integral part of North London synth-pop group Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – before the sad, untimely death of their lead singer, Charlie Haddon in 2010 – Alex Starling formed The Ghosts, spectres of ethereal synth-pop, and toured the world.

Alex Starling has returned with the overwhelming new single ‘Tunnelling For Villains’, a melancholic ballad that’s told from the point of view of a couple watching visitors enter the gates of Pentonville prison. The song was written in The Breakout cafe opposite HMP Pentonville in North London, popular amongst locals and prison visitors. It features cinematic synths, a solid powerful beat, heavy guitars and the Bonnethead Choir that leads the epic  outro.

Tunnelling For Villains is a majestically operatic piece. The hauntingly beautiful chorus, eerily echoes a sense of caginess and empathy all at once. Its subject matter is out there, and I mean really out there. How often do you hear a song about a couple watching prisoners enter the gates of their prison? The choir at the end caps off the surrealist experience that Starling is able to create with his over the top, cinematically lush soundscapes.

For anyone who enjoys production that is grand alongside lyrical topics that are undoubtedly unique, Tunnelling for Villains is the perfect piece for you.

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