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Ryan Fischer – About The Future | Protest

It is noticeable that debutant musicians choose to break the wall into the scene in one of two ways — with a whimper or with a massive bang. Canadian singer-songwriter Ryan Fischer’s choice in this matter is clear — that he is coming into the scene with motivation to dominate and empower, and with a bang, while he is at it. Fischer’s debut solo track ‘About the Future’ is an up-tempo number with vocal intonations akin to 80s protest music, replete with distorted guitars and energetic bass licks. Fischer is devoid of any of the entry-level nervousness familiar to newcomers, and his lyricism against the status quo of the system rises above the instrumentals that accompany it. About the Future — is for all intents and purposes — a protest song, against the dogmatic principles that Fischer notices in his immediate society. It is a song that has the potential to mobilize the masses in unanimous musicality, a song to sing when agitating against the systems of government and oppression that they have come to realize. At the helm of it all is Fischer, who sings — “I’m gonna work all the patriots / I’m gonna free the proletariat / I’m gonna bring down all the governments”. Fischer has written a song that can go on to define a generation of people against a particular agenda, all united through a great operatic outro that seems to draw its roots from the best of Billy Joel and Queen. 

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