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Noralyn Jewett One of the Few
Noralyn Jewett One of the Few

Noralyn – One of the Few

Australian indie artist Noralyn is a classically trained pianist, and uses that technique to push the envelope on pop music, allowing her to double-dip in putting together masterful compositions and setting them up to be accessible with ethereal pop vocals and intricate songwriting. Her latest single is entitled One of the Few – a rippling piano melody that is delicate and calculated – carefully balanced as though each word and key is a step on a tightrope. Noralyn’s musical style is unique, but akin to many indie pop artists that took the world by storm with their creative endeavours like LDR or Regina Spector. This track features dreamy, ethereal vocals that are inviting yet distant, a little hazy but crystalline.

This tightness of composition complements the theme of the track beautifully, the walking on eggshells that comes from misplacing your trust at some point. Noralyn describes the walls that she’s erected around her to protect herself, and her desire to let someone in – one of the rare few that she can trust. It’s a fine line to walk, getting comfortable too quickly is intense and unnerving but too slow is agonizing still. The lyrics are well-crafted and the production has you hanging on her every syllable.

One of the Few is an introspective little piece that came from mulling over the push and pull between the desire to be open and have close relationships,but on the other hand being conscious of your quirks and faults, and cautious of that vulnerability.

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