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Love to Cry Ellis Newman album art
Love to Cry Ellis Newman album art

Ellis Newman – Love to Cry

Love to Cry is a classical pop anthem about feeling your feelings, a stab at sincerity at the emotional release afforded to you by letting the floodgates down. Indie pop singer-songwriter Ellis Newman releases her second single after her first EDM-infused synth pop collaboration, Light up the Dark, cowritten with artist friend Hester Kirkels.

Ellis describes her musical stylings as an introvert inviting you into their sanctuary, and allowing you to share their discomforts. It’s a bold and raw approach, with lyrical work that cut straight to the point and minimalist synths that crescendo into louder, slightly less minimal synths as she infuses her chorus with pop-country influences and fist-pumping energy. She is a talented singer and even handled the mixing, mastering and production of the track herself – but as an artist with two singles out I still believe she’s yet to find her sound, that which helps her stand out from other european-electropop-style artists of similar flavour.

The track outlines the import of crying, how it is a process of self acceptance through vulnerability. The message of course is a beautiful one, encouraging you to let down the façade, at least to yourself. Ellis is here to remind you that it isn’t a sign of weakness, and it isn’t that you’re broken – a good cry is just sometimes what you need for catharsis and sanity. I love when pop tracks are catchy and fun to listen to but tackle the more eclectic areas of interest, very similar to Anxiety from earlier this week. This is one of those tracks: peppy, upbeat and inspirational classic pop with a dash of country – make sure to check out this fresh release down below!

Growing up, I used to bottle up all my emotions in fear it was weak to show fragility. But over the years I learned that showing emotion is beautiful, and crying can be healing and liberating. Ultimately, allowing yourself to cry is self-love, and I need it once in a while to let go and stay sane. So, I watch a sad movie or put on that one song sometimes. We all cry. That’s what this song is about, the normality and beauty of it, turned into something to dance to.

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