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The Queen is Naked
The Queen is Naked

Daniel Netz – The Queen is Naked

The Queen is Naked is Israeli alt-pop artist Daniel Netz’ second single toward her album Itsallinyourmind, following her debut To The Valley Below released earlier this year. She’s a contemporary pop artist, fusing a multitude of sounds to create elaborate dreamscapes of interwoven moving parts – bringing both modern and classic styles into her music.

The Queen is Naked is the same, it’s got that low sultry pop singing and an absolutely tasty bassline and percussion that takes lead when the chorus swings around to a hook. The song has a gentle break before bringing the swing back – an intricate moment of softness that gives you a moment to appreciate the production. It’s a hypnotic and tasteful indie folk track that makes use of some zany production and voice modulation, that turns it into an otherworldly ethereal dreampop experience. I love the way she accentuates her syllables, and it gives the track an enigmatic edge.

The song (and its gorgeous music video!) go a long way in highlighting an internal conflict of putting yourself out into the world to receive criticism. Truly, she finds herself both powerless and powerful, taking claim of her sense of self and identifying her vision for the world, yet unsure of all the things that might act as an obstacle and hence a little afraid. The song’s little contrasting perforation allows her to realise that her vulnerability is her strength, and through transitioning into your own skin and your ideal self is a process that demands change and reflection, it is also one that allows you to find your identity and your fulfillment. The queen is naked because she has found her skin. A genuine portrait of Daniel’s introspection, she works to find a balance between fear and her freedom.

The Queen is Naked is ridiculously catchy. No really, it’s very unique, zealous, introspective and optimistic, but its also just such an incredible production that you just have to give it a listen, promise.

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