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Leuer – Take Your Time | Refection

Leuer. a name that means glowing, is a Portland based artist who makes music that is as easy going as it is contemplative. His soft, subtle, and understated voice backed by dreamy and silky production makes him an incredibly appealing listen to anyone looking for some personable indie folk music.

On “Take Your Time”, Leuer looks to inspire and infuse the listener with positivity. “I want this song to be a reminder that beauty is not defined by the scale or runway models. I want it to inspire positive mental health and remind people to tell the people around them they are beautiful says the artist. Rather than look at yourself through your own lens, those that are filled with overly critical lenses that prick apart every little insecurity and flaw you might think you have, Leuer in the song suggests we view ourselves through the lens of a loved one. Our loved ones don’t fixate on our flaws, they love us for what makes us special.

“Take Your Time” is immensely pleasurable. It’s got a warm, fuzzy feeling that just wraps you in while Leuer harmoniously serenades you with his touching lyrics.

For anyone who has even a slight inkling towards folk music, particularly the kind that veers more production heavy and with an infusion of studio produced sounds, “Take Your Time” is for you. But more than that, it’s for anyone who is struggling to believe in themselves while being dragged down by the weight of their own harsh self criticism.

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