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Kada Miller
Kada Miller

Kada Miller – Begin Again | Rejuvenate

Bringing to the table a keen interest for rich storytelling and luscious sounsdacapes, Kada Miller is marking her name in the indie pop sphere. Her songs are inspired by love, self-discovery, and fulfilment.

After a year of personal turmoil in 2019 followed by 2020s wild year of unexpected uncertainty, Kada was gifted the time to truly stop, reflect & reconnect with her true essence as an artist & was reminded that it is time to share the power of her voice.

On ‘Begin Again’, Kada illustrates a vivid and inspiring image to inspire the listener to persevere. With a masterful riff playing throughout, the song sticks to its indie pop elements firmly. It gradually builds, with a small percussion element coming in during the middle. But Kada doesn’t intonate too much. She keeps her own tone throughout the track, giving the song a distinctively pleasurable listen that remains consistent through its runtime.

The song crescendos before the last minute, where Kada softly utters “He found his heart to begin again” before the instrumentals breakdown in a cathartic and long winded outro that embellishes an otherwise rejuvenating track.

Kada’s stand out talent is her voice. Soft and understated, but so perfectly attuned to the production that complements it. She’s a remarkable talent coming out of Australia, and you’d be missing out to not check her out.

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