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Brandon Wade How to Love
Brandon Wade How to Love

Brandon Wade – How to Love

Indie poet and singer Brandon Wade gives us another opportunity to review his work, so we’ve technically covered his entire body of work 😉 Wade’s sophomore single release is very aligned with his debut, Dance Again, as they are both deeply introspective pieces about the nature of love itself. While it was previously about feeling spurned in your efforts of love, this one is simply much more intricate and unique in its perspective.

How to Love explores a similar problem, in which despite his efforts he cannot make his significant other understand the love he feels for them because they speak different languages of love, so is really affected as the relationship dwindles; questioning whether the love that motivated him was real, helpful or even beneficial to the relationship he used to share. It’s a track that I resonate with, having lost a relationship to distance to entirely fixable problems, if only we could sit down in the same room and communicate after months of being apart. While I saw a burgeoning relationship that was worth working towards, the disconnect between us was unignorable and led me to a number of similar conflicting feelings about the nature of that love as it trickled out. It does hurt to see through tears, when they want more than you can give.

Brandon Wade has always used his songwriting as a means to work out his own feelings, and it is genuinely very enjoyable to see him grapple with these very abstractly complex yet real and relatable issues. How to Love also features a lovely production, full with cinematic synths and epic piano ambient melodies that make it feel like he’s alone on an entire planet as he sings. Wade’s voice is powerful and demonstrates incredible range, and he’s a singer I always enjoy listening to with his lyrical craft as well as ability to really bring songs to life. How to Love is simply phenomenal both as a production and a spiritual catharsis, and I absolutely love this track.

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