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SJ Talbot Easy for Me
SJ Talbot Easy for Me

SJ Talbot – Easy for Me

Easy For Me is Irish pop artist SJ Talbot’s second release after Envy, taking on a more dance synth-pop direction after her acoustic debut with minimal synth work. It however demonstrates her finesse as a pop artist as well, channeling quite a soulful flow and a catchy pop hook in its upbeat production. It’s got an energetic and coy vibe, which meshes with the track’s narrative of resisting temptation. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the autotuning, but it is a dance-pop number that keeps the peppy turned all the way up.

The melody came first. It started out actually being quite a sad song. But then I thought, ‘You know what? This melody is really bright.’ I wanted to write a pop song you could dance to, but something that’s really soulful and heartfelt too. I love soul music, and I also love pop.

The title Easy for Me reflects the inertia we feel towards returning to comfortable routines, and the track is an ultimatum to cutting off past relationships cold-turkey, rather than return to something inhibitive under the guise of ease. The chorus of the track is reminiscent of New Rules, where she emphasises not to phone her when they’re lonely.

This song is about a relationship where you both know it’s not going to work out. But it’s comfortable to keep going back to that person, because it’s familiar.

Full of dynamic synths, creative prose and a powerful voice for pop music, Easy for Me is out this morning!

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