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The Loveseats
The Loveseats

The Loveseats – Waves | Soulful

The Loveseats are a unique, soulful, alternative pop music group who incorporate personal and harmonic folky lyrics that are sang over contrasting wavy, up-tempo, bass loaded rhythms. So, on their aptly titled album ‘Waves’, The Loveseats really highlight their ability to weave together the magical wistfulness of folk music alongside the more trip-hop elements of soul and alternative.

‘Sitting Stii’, the album opener, kickstarts with signature trap drums played alongside some incredibly wavy and spacey production. “Driving through the night, running for your life”, it seems like the ideal track to put to blast in your car as you drive down the midnight road. There’s a kind of back and forth effect on the volume, wherein it goes slowly backward before expanding and increasing forward. “Driving real fast, but the feeling never lasts”, it sort of signifies to me the constant chase for moving forward in life but still being stuck in place.

‘Before It Blows Up’ uses keys and a static sound in the background in its opening sequence. Like quite a few other tracks in this album, it doesn’t rely on wordiness. Most of ‘Waves’ uses production as its signature force while the lyrics remain short and succinct, but incredibly impactful. ‘First Rain’ is precisely what you think it would sound like, even utilising rain ambient sounds at the end if my ear is accurate. The song is so perfect at specifically capturing the pitter patter and joy one has when experiencing that first pleasant shower of rain.

On ‘Last Chance’ and ‘Glacier’ the similar sounds persist. A very folky lyrical display alongside modern production that is heavily inspired by electronically created sounds.

‘Mike Tyson’, a song that might immediately make you think of a punchy, aggressive, and hype piece, is actually a very soulful trip hop piece. A brilliant spoken word esque rap performance kicks off the track, before the production with almost futuristic sounds breaks down into a magnificent middle section. The track has in my opinion, the best vocal performance from the group.

‘Dusty Bones’ has the most electric beat of the lot. It makes you immediately bang your head and pay attention to what’s playing. With some wonderful synths behind the punchy beat, The Loveseats expertly show how masterful their production prowess can be. The closer, ‘Keep Writing’ is similar to ‘First rain’ in feeling. A much more mellow, almost lo-fi beat with atmospheric production, its a perfect serenade to end the album.

I’d strongly recommend Waves to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in music that’s fixated on production quality. The sheer masterfulness that this group is able to create on each and every track never failed to amaze me. It is, truly, a wonderfully produced project that is smooth and calming at any listen.

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