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Indigo Dusk Album Art
Indigo Dusk Album Art

Eden Dawn – Indigo Dusk

Eden Dawn has always been a progressive pop artist with eclectic and ethereal synths, a style of pop that we’ve seen take the forefront of the industry with artists like Doja, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. Her previous singles and EP over the last two years have been innovative and fresh within their genre, but her newest release, Indigo Dusk, marks an entirely new direction for Eden.

Indigo Dusk just seems to scream enigma and noir, and it embodies just that. It is a soulful jazz number with a wonderful swing to it, minimally interlaced with synths that only enhance the magical pitter-patter of intricate piano notes. Eden is able to put her vocal range on the forefront unlike ever before, and is really able to shine as a solo vocalist. You can even tell that the song comes from a place of passion, a rediscovery of perspective and a fresh approach to music as a whole. It also somehow makes this tightly wrapped production feel comfortable locating itself as a bedroom pop piece, fiesty and alive even when it is gentle and unspoken.

Indigo Dusk is an emotionally crafted lyric, describing Eden’s new zeal with which to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. She has fallen in love with the all the different colours of the sunset, and paints a picture of its wonderment from her window sill. The song embodies that single ethereal moment, and attributes the joy it brings to the gift of being alive. Sounding more confident than ever before, Indigo Dusk is simply her best work yet.

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