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Ale – Omnipresent Pt. 1 | Harmonious

Today, musical genres no longer really hold too true. Artists seam intent to mix together varied soundscapes to create a feeling that is distinctively their own rather than adhere to any set playbook put before them. However, amongst these innovations, only a few rarely dare to take genres that are drastically distinct and craft something that is cohesive, unique, and listenable all at once. Ale’s latest project, is a perfect representation of this success.

ALÉ  is truly a multi genre experience. They combine not just sounds and varied instruments, but entire musical styles to form their own. Their previous albums, such as Irregular Heartbeat, Dimensions, and Blessings EP., were early formations of this sound. In this new EP, they’ve taken what made them special and channelled it into something remarkable.

Darkwave, coldwave, and synth immediately jump out as the dominant forces in this EP. But, on continued listening, you will quickly be greeted with generous servings of rock in all its forms. Be it post-rock, alternative rock, goth rock, post-punk, hard rock, indie rock, or industrial rock, Ale experiments with the full gamut of the genre. At its heart, Ale almost seems like a progressive group in my eyes. Their song structure, oftentimes irregular and drawn out, appeals to the inner Floyd fan in me.

Take a song like ‘Eternal’, which clocks in at nearly 10 minutes long. The track has multiple distinct parts in its runtime. Static, choir esque singing, synths, rapid beats, before transitioning into a more spacey and ethereal vibe; it’s a musical ensemble.

My personal favourite on the album has to be ‘Spiritual Refinement’. The song features in the middle of the album and has a vocal performance that and beat that sounds straight out of the 80s. The heavy use of synths and the more spacey atmosphere that it creates is an immensely relaxing vibe. “Undoing, with movement keep going, don’t lose it“. The follow up track, ‘Black Ocean’, is a dark and moody environment that is an eerie masterpiece. It’s beautifully cinematic as the project tends to be.

Omnipresent Pt. 1 orchestrates simultaneously experimental and harmonious melodies in each track. It’s such an interesting group for that matter alone. Be it cinematic rock or mellow atmospheric ambience, Ale are truly masters of creating soundscapes that have never really been attempted before. I can’t even begin to describe the full range that thy possess – from electronic synths, to heavy metal riffs, it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. . Omnipresent Pt. 1 will be a pleasurable listen to anyone who cares to veer off the more traditional conceptions of what makes a genre standard. They go above and beyond your basic conceptions of musical composition, and do so in a way that is beautiful to listen to.

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