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Anxiety Album Art
Anxiety Album Art

Abby London – Anxiety

Seattle pop-artist Abby London has always been eclectic in her style over the years, from acoustic folk to a number of alternative genre influences. She’s certainly never hesitated from turning streams of consciousness about tongue-in-cheek political or social musings, with notable mentions like Goodbye Tetris Blitz, War to Peace or her Seattle City Council tracks.

Her latest release is a lot more solemn and ruminative, introspecting about the far-reaching consequences of her actions in capitalism and its relationship with mental health. It’s a bold track that fires off a passionate series of accusations to bass-ridden explosive synths and a poppy catchy production. It’s a sober topic for a pop song, but with its tight production reminiscent of a SUPERORGANISM track, its an absolute banger.

Anxiety is a track about the weight of economic relations and hyperconsumption, how the supply line has affected the world, culture and us as individuals. Choices made about consumption have an endless spiral of exploitation to consider, making you feel burdened for your decisions regardless of your choices. She ruminates whether the increased distance we feel with our sense of self as a result of these choices shares a relationship with our generational mental health struggles. In an economy of attention that impedes our ability to communicate as well as choose effectively, she tightly wraps a bizarrely distant but alienating experience that manifests in us all today in an ambitious catchy tune. Its an anthemic track and I personally really hope its disquition can travel far to spread its message.

Do check out the track, and look forward to the release of its music video on the 22nd of this month!

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