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Wassup Album Cover
Wassup Album Cover

Young León – Wassup ft. Charcuterie

Pop vocalist Young León and synth-pop producer Charcuterie have been working together for two years now, but have also been friends since childhood and probably spent a lot of time on the beach. Their vast array of collaborations seem to locate themselves all in the same vibe, dance-y beach indie tracks with an electro-pop exterior but demonstrating quite the mastery over pop production in layering elaborate synths and catchy hooks together on the inside.

Wassup is no different, blending both their styles in to create an alt pop banger making use of a guitar 4 beat embellished with all sorts of vocal modulation, 808s and delightful electric guitar breaks. The production is truly the highlight of this track, being able to be such a diverse mix of sounds that it keeps you on your toes even in this downtempo melody about the good ol’ days, so a lot of credit to Aaron from Charcuterie. It’s a unique sound for pop and its fusion elements really do help it stand out. Check out Wassup in the link below:

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