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The Daily Spreadsheets
The Daily Spreadsheets

The Daily Spreadsheets – I Walk Alone | All In One

The Daily Spreadsheets, described as “the old school bedroom brazilian-accent indie classic rock music of Henrique Neves”, is a uniquely exciting project. Neves is far from a novice. The seasoned singer-songwriter/indie classic rock enthusiast has nearly thirty years worth of musical experienced under his belt.

The 40 year old bedroom musician was born in the state of Bahia, Brazil. He now lives in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais. Neves has been writing songs since the age of 14, and has been heavily influenced by The Beatles, 60’s British Invasion, 70’s Power Pop, 80’s and 90’s American alternative rock and British rock/britpop of the 90s. Clearly, an eclectic combination that spans eras, decades, and genres. And his music reflects the same.

Neves’ latest single, scheduled to release on all platforms on the 12th of June, is an ambitious grunge rock piece that holds keen British rock influences. His nasally whiney voice also somehow sounds something straight out of the britpop scene but with a tinge of Seattle grunge infused into it.

“I Walk Alone” is memorable most for the guitaring. The solo in the middle of the song is sublimely played. “I believe I’m just ready to go/I walk alone/Nobody else will sing my song” sings a distraught but defiant Neves in his newest single. The song’ sounds like something out of a different era, but in a welcome way. It’s transportive to a time where rock music was more choppy and raw, rather than overproduced and industry manufactured. Neves’ voice sounds eerily reminiscent of Bad Religion almost.

I can’t really pin down what ‘The Daily Spreadsheets’ fits into. It’s rock music, and an eclectic one at that for sure. But with hints of influences from a multitude of eras, its a lovely conglomeration of all the sounds that make rock music powerful. Worth your time for sure.

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