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Main Character Album Art
Main Character Album Art

CHRONOS – Main Character ft Saenabi

I personally love when life imitates the art I consume, replicating niche cultural moments and dynamics from the zeitgeist provides for a way to contextualise and better appreciate the situation at hand. CHRONOS’ Jonathan presumably does as well, as he draws inspiration from the trope that things happen for the protagonist of a game or show, but not so much for all the NPCs that surround them. It’s easier and easier to surrender to an external locus of control, but Main Character is a concerted effort to remind you to embody protagonist energy – you are the protagonist of your story and it is a matter of respecting yourself enough to liberate yourself as such. A delightfully unique synth-pop sound from an equally unique (and adorable) perspective, Main Character is heartfelt and anthemic to making decisions for yourself worthy of a Main Character.

Jonathan is an American indie producer and instrumentalist who had to take his own advice to heart, pushing himself to leave the pharmaceutical industry to pursue his passion in music. Ashley (Saenabi) and Jonathan connected over their main character passions on Instagram, and both of them quit their day jobs to be full-time musicians. The song comes from the overturning of their lives, the anxieties that come with it, and yet is a triumphant hypetrack that wouldn’t have it any other way – you have to place bets on yourself. Like the lyric, there may be a million ways you did your story wrong, but you owe it to yourself to take a chance on happiness regardless. “I would love for my listeners to feel that they have hope of doing what they love in this life – life is too short not to do something you love,” says Jon.

CHRONOS’ style is setting up intricate and elaborate synths and then creating tasty rock-and-roll electric guitar riffs to accompany. This remains consistent even in his harder-going previous tracks, like Raining Lazers and Lovesick Girls. Main Character took me on a nostalgia trip to a uniquely personal memory as well, jamming out to nanobii’s MonsterCat in 2014 and feeling on top of the world. The track is similarly positive and empowering, and uses the many tools in its production arsenal, such as chippy beats, his signature electric guitar licks and even a violin to complement Saenabi’s emphasis on self-importance. Saenabi is a talented singer, and the song affords her both the ability to weave her experience into the song as well as showcase her impressive vocal range. It is a simply phenomenal production, and the racy bridge is moreso enjoyable as psychedelic synths and riffs play you off to the moon as you’re being reminded of your worth. One of my personal favourites this month, make sure to check out the hypetrack to self-worth I’ve been bopping on repeat!

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