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Sandman – MADONNA | Unadulterated

Sometimes, you know when a song or an artist are just bound for stardom. On just one listen of Sandman’s MADONNA, that feeling was immediately realised. The single is infectiously catchy, just exuding an energy that lives and breathes defiance and upliftment.

I couldn’t be more glad that we’re witnessing a resurgence of pop punk. From Machine Gun Kelly’s Tickets To My Downfall to Olivia Rodrigo’s latest project, teenage angst music is somehow back to being cool. Sandman’s second single from his debut project, “Nice Guys Finish Last”, does indeed fit that pop punk characterisation. However, it’s far from angsty. Rather, the track is effortlessly energetic and exciting. It’s an avowed summer bop, one that’s perfect for the party, for a drive, for just a casual get together. It’s the kind of song you blast in your bedroom to boost your energy on a down day.

If I had to draw a modern comparison, Sandman’s voice and music sounds somewhat similar to another breakout pop rock star of this generation – the talented Dominic Fike. I’ll be honest, since I first started playing this song it really hasn’t escaped my rotation. You don’t need to be overly complex or over produced to make a hit single. Sometimes, all it takes is an obnoxiously catchy hook and a banging riff to accompany it. More often than not, that latter option is ridiculously hard to achieve. Here’s to hoping that Sandman manages to pull off more and more of the same because MADONNA is simply too good to not be a hit.

You’d be a fool to miss out on the self described John Mayer of the rap game.

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