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X on the Board album art
X on the Board album art

Daniel Barrie – X on the Board

Daniel Barrie’s latest release is a track with a cliché as old as time, where a woman who pursues a ‘bad boy’ for another X on the Board loses a shot with him as a result of her ‘bad decisions’. It stays true to penning experience to paper, capturing a roaring feeling of betrayal that is not uncommon for young men to experience as a rite of passage, and demonstrates Barrie’s ability to weave sincerity and emotion into his music. X on the Board also showcases an energetic piano production that amplify the dramatism of Barrie’s impassioned strumming and vocals that come together as a frenetic catharsis for its embodied angst. X on the Board marks three singles for this teenage indie artist, and lays stake to a promising career ahead for Barrie’s talented storytelling and his ability to channel his fervour. Check it out below!

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