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Finn Forster Remnants
Finn Forster Remnants

Finn Forster – Remnants

UK indie singer-songwriter Finn Forster has taken on a more emotive and heartfelt direction with his music this year, with intimate Lonely Nights and now Remnants, after his more mellow endeavours in 2020. Remnants explores the struggle of having to recentre oneself following the loss of someone close, because Remnants of their liveness remain embedded in your interpretation of perspective in the world. Forster crafts melancholy folky vocals set to an incredible multi-instrumental production, with its ensemble of piano, acoustic strumming, percussion and a violin to emphasise the finer dramatic points of the track. Despite its themes of yearning and reminiscence, it does so amid an uplifting orchestra of sounds, crescendoing in their intensity as Forster closes out the track with the chorus once more. It is a quintessentially indie sound, but still demonstrates the artist’s finesse with the craft. Do check it out below:

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